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The 55,000 square foot academic building is defined by two distinct volumes.  One volume houses the university’s Department of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship while the other provides offices and conference space for national congressional level officials. The Trent Lott Center also has two distinct façades.  The prominent, limestone clad east elevation, reminiscent of the Greek Revival, is the public face of the building while the brick clad west elevation complements the historic buildings of the campus and serves as the entrance.

It is the culmination of all of these factors that inspired the design of the three-story glass rotunda that serves as the connection point between the two sides.  The form of the rotunda is defined by a sweeping, suspended glass and steel circular stair which appears to terminate in a pool of water.  A series of bridges connect the two sides, tying the academic functions to the national executive offices and conference areas.

Center for Economic Developement

University of Southern Mississippi

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